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Carla Hoskins

Practicum Counseling Intern


Office Numbers:

MT 406-209-8268

WV 304-807-9119

WY 307-840-9077

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About Carla Hoskins

Nursing Background

My nursing journey began with a focus on gerontology and rehabilitation. Tasked with the responsibility of caring for patients grappling with various medical and psychiatric issues, I learned vital lessons in patience, empathy, and resilience.

This experience allowed me to understand the intricate connection between physical health and mental well-being.

The knowledge gained from treating diverse cases was invaluable. From assisting patients through their recovery journey to providing comfort during difficult times, my roles were as varied as they were fulfilling.

Every patient interaction expanded my understanding of human resilience amidst adversity and strengthened my drive to pursue mental health counseling even more.

My Passion for Youth 

My journey working with youth started with my participation in various child and youth ministries at our church and teaching piano. 


Eventually, however, I graduated to the role of a CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) Ministry Coordinator. And, while in that position, I was responsible for teaching not only children but also fellow instructors, with a special knack for teaching those who struggled to learn.  Patience and adaptability were my guiding principles then, helping me tailor instruction methods to meet individual learning styles and needs.

These experiences gave me hands-on insight into the unique challenges faced by today's youth while offering guidance through their formative years.

Dancing along the lines of volunteer service, music, and educational instruction enriched both my personal growth and professional development remarkably so far.

Community Service

I currently serve as a church musician. Playing music allows me to connect deeply with my community, providing a soothing backdrop to moments of reflection and worship.

This creative role enables me to engage empathetically with people from all walks of life, helping strengthen our collective bond.

Shifting focus toward another significant part of my professional life, I currently head the Jericho House Transitional Program. Here, supportive structures are established for women and their children during challenging transitions in their lives.

The goal is always empowerment – ensuring these women feel confident and capable enough to move forward positively on their own terms without feeling overwhelmed by circumstances out of their control.

Both roles provide me an opportunity to make a positive impact within society every day. From soothing melodies that can uplift spirits, down to directing programs that build resilience among vulnerable groups - each aspect feeds into my passion for service and compassion towards others.


Embarking on a new journey as a counselor fills me with excitement. It is a privilege to offer support and guidance to individuals facing challenges in society. My passion for helping people realize their strengths and worth drives my desire to nurture, care for, and empower others.

Trust me; it brings immeasurable joy seeing individuals conquering their issues with newfound resilience – it's genuinely inspiring! It’s time we take steps together towards better mental health since you deserve every bit of effort!

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